Keep me up till five because all your stars are out

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got changed into pajamas and got all snuggly in my bed and then remembered i forgot to take my hair down and i don’t remember how many bobby pins i used and i should really brush it out but uuugh i don’t want to get up 

Filed under too many characters for twitter yes its 9:12 and i'm already in bed whatever i cant be tamed i had a long day at work i was scheduled till 7 but then stayed and closed cause they needed help and i'm a good person p.s. my hair is in like a cute side bun thing

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When Y2K arrived, MTV VJs and saccharine-pop enthusiasts told us rock ‘n’ roll was dead. But then, out of nowhere, came this back-to-basics guitar-driven record made by five leather-clad hipsters (before that was a thing). We’re not saying the album saved rock for millennials… Oh, wait, yes we are.
GQ places The Strokes’ ‘Is This It’ at #2 on the 21 Greatest Albums of the 21st Century x (via can-i-vhs-you)

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